Scientific Solutions to Real-World Problems

Paul A. Belony, Jr., Ph.D.
Physicist – Entrepreneur – Researcher
“Scientific Knowledge, Brilliant Innovation, High-Quality Research”

Dr. Belony a highly gifted experimental physicist with expert understanding of non-ideal plasma, high power circuitry, optical spectroscopy, and computational modeling. Apart from research, Dr. Belony teaches Physics, Science, and Mathematics at both the Undergraduate and Graduate levels. His educational and scientific milestone initiated with a double bachelor’s degree in Physics and Mathematics at Montclair State University. He then pursued his graduate studies at Lehigh University where he later graduated with a Ph.D. in Physics. His doctoral dissertation: “Kinetics of Vapor Emissions near Wire Explosion Threshold,” explores the effects of the metallic gas-liquid critical state and the role of magnetic and thermal pressures in plasma generated from various types of electrical wire explosions, including X-pinch and Z-pinch. For his post-doctoral studies, he explored the realm of 2-dimensional thin-film explosions and how these explosions are affected near the threshold of percolation; shockwave configurations and high energy concentration were also explored. In 2012, Dr. Belony became a scientific consultant at the MIT-Haiti Initiative, a program developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which promotes the implementation of Technology-Enabled-Active-Learning (TEAL) in the world while presenting native languages (Haitian Creole) as the essential thread, and modern scientific tools as the needle to weave the fabric of scientific education; Dr. is the leader of the physics team for the MIT-Haiti Initiative where he implements new tools for hands-on laboratory work and in-lecture demonstrations. In September 2013, Dr. Belony founded Belony Scientific LLC with the utmost mission to provide real scientific solutions to real-world problems. His current research focuses on the development of experimental procedures and quantitative data analysis and their applications to plasma processes, renewable energy sources, and aquaculture.

Dr. Belony's areas of research include: Non-Ideal Plasma Formation, Electrical Wire Explosion, Laser-Produced-Plasma, Shockwave Patterns, Percolation, Miniaturization of Power Generation Devices, Thin-Film Deposition, X-Ray Generation, Optical Spectroscopy, Thermal Processes, Laser Technology, Image Processing, High-Power-Pulse-Forming Devices, and Electronic Circuit Design.